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Do you need help with your finances, but aren’t sure where to start?  

In today’s fast-paced environment, it can feel overwhelming to manage your day-to-day finances and plan for your financial future. A well-crafted financial plan helps you gain confidence about your finances and your ability to achieve your goals.

Your personalized plan will bring all of the pieces of your financial life together, including managing your budget, planning for retirement, paying off debt, investing wisely, saving for college, and more.  Learn about what’s included in comprehensive financial planning by clicking on each of the topics below.

The future’s yours.  And it’s going to be amazing!

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Every financial plan is personalized Just for you

All plans include access to your personal financial website, quarterly check-in meetings, and unlimited phone and e-mail support. Click each box to learn more about what’s included in comprehensive financial planning:


– End of year tax planning
– Tax due date reminders
– Coordination with CPA or Enrolled Agent


– Annual employee benefit elections
– 401(k) fund selection and analysis
– Salary and benefits negotiation
– Employee stock options/RSUs


– Investment education
– Risk tolerance assessment
– Investment allocation, review and management


– Retirement
– College savings
– Major purchase (home, car, boat, etc.)


– Budget with annual updates
– Tips for spending and saving
– Maintaining an emergency fund


– Annual credit score review
– Credit card optimization strategies
– Debt reduction analysis
– Student loan reduction analysis


– Property & casualty (home, auto, etc.)
– Income replacement analysis (disability)
– Survivor needs analysis (life)


– Review of important documents (will, trust, healthcare directive, etc.)
– Coordination with attorney

Flat Fees Save You Money

Pricing:  Comprehensive financial plans that cover all of the topics above start at $1,000.  Year-round financial guidance and investment advisory services are available for a flat monthly fee.  The fee is based on portfolio size and starts at $150 per month.  Standalone investment advisory services are also available.


A New Approach to Fees

Today, most financial planners are paid on commission from selling products, or charge about 1% percent of your investment portfolio value each year.  In addition, you may pay another 0.5% – 1.0% in expenses charged by actively managed mutual funds.  All in, fees and investment expenses can decrease your investment returns by nearly 2% every year!

We think there’s a better way- flat monthly fees.  

Our flat fee model helps ensure that high fees don’t rob your financial future while fairly compensating us for the value we add with our financial planning services.  In addition, we advocate low-cost, tax-efficient investing strategies that minimize the expenses associated with your specific investment selections.

Here’s how our flat fees compare to paying 1% of your portfolio value each year:

Difference in portfolio
value at Year 30:*


Fee savings over 30 years*:


1% Fee,   Flat Fee


*This analysis is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as the basis for investment decisions.  It is not intended to predict or guarantee future performance.  The analysis is based on the following assumptions:

∙$1,000,000 starting portfolio value   ∙7% annual return   ∙1% fee based on annual ending portfolio value and taken at the end of each year   ∙No portfolio withdrawals are assumed and tax considerations are not taken into account. ∙Differences in portfolio values and fees charged are cumulative over 30 years.

Flat fees are based on the 2017 Personal CFO program pricing schedule. Plan to Prosper reserves the right to change or modify fees charged to clients.

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